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Hi! I’m Back.. its been a while..hehe.. well i was kinda busy with my personal drama haha…well enough of that!


first of all i want to clarify this is just theories..  of my favorite pair in

k-POP..i advice you not take it seriously?..don’t hate me..

Omo after spending lotza time lurking in Naver, me2day, and Youtube…and all sites that i need for this..theory! (^^)

I got to.o..ooo throw this one, i dunno…just a crazy dilusional theory. . seems the bridge is very special to the daragon pair soooo..im gonna call this “Daragon Bridge” a symbol of their blossoming love ~hehe~

the bridge is in mapgu near the YG building.Mapo-gu, Hapjung-dongi attach Dara’s now long lost cyworld mihipony… as you can see the bridge has a similarity from her cyworld mihi .. i know there’s a lot of bridge in seoul specially along han river.. but as we all know.. the new YG tower has a spectacular view of the bridge..and the han river…

remember Gd's Me2day update....

 btw the name of the bridge behind mini Gd’s is Sun-Yu Bridge…

 the blue circle – is the new building owned by YG (gosh,YG own’s a lot of stuff..the guy is rich lol) my guess the photo’s were taken there hehe~~and it’s only a 12 minute walk from the old YG building (pink circle) hehe~~ run run…daragon! run…

Sun-Yu Bridge~~(^^) Mapo-do

soooo..ooo romantic LOL.. remember dara’s (training days) said the office has a beautiful view from the rooftop…hahaha…old building!

here’s the new YG tower… so beautiful.. still over-looking the han river…


I’m gonna sound like a tour guide..hehe~~Mapo-gu, Hapjung-dong is such a beautiful place to lurk around hehe~~

(2ne1 tv) Dangsan bridge in Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea Maybe will see 2ne1 and GD taking a walk or JOG lol (stalker alert)hehe~~~


for my youtube moment (gawd i need to get a life! …) haha…kiddin’

MUSIC BANK - dara is in the back of GD

Gd winning his award in MB, dara is behind him…but when it was Gd’s time tooooo say thank you… the camera focus on GD…dara suddenly hide herself behind CL and away from he camera…(not so Dara..hehe~)hmmmm….fishy~~~

why are you hiding from the camera during GD’s acceptance speech!!! (lol)…

dara’s wants to play peek-a-boo hehe~ she is so adorable haha…after Gd’s speech.. she’s talking laughing with GD! hmmm..wonder what they said…to each other…. and based on my observations(MAMA fancams).. CL is always there…to protect daragon haha…. during this time…dara is still confortable talking to Gd even if the camera is still rolling hehe… hehe…

you just love her.. reaction faces!!!


Another one…i just love this scene.. dara ask GD..

Gd's celebration.

i just love how GD look at dara! “the eyes talks” (in my dilusional mind, maybe dara got hesitant..toooo say pls drink moderately…babes LOL) and again another 2ne1 member… haha… oh~~aigooo(^_^) i need toooo take a chill pill to much.. daragon.. can be crazy!!! LOL

I’m not yet finish..but i have to go!!! maybe ill edit this tomorrow!!! chow.


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I’m also a daragon shipper, is there something behind the curtain?. hhmmm…this is my first theory article!…about them hehe….

I heard Dara’s cyworld is now gone or account cancelled or hacked? . i cannot confirm it yet cause i lost the link of her cyworld account. all the minihompy were gone…something is happening…. hehe sorry i’m such a memory..lost kinda person sometimes.. but anyway.. back to my bragging ..

my theory why she shut down her account..is their is so many too.ooo.. dig in her cyworld mihipony about Ji young/or aka G-dragon. like what i found in someones blog.. :

Let us zoom it! – no screaming, pls…shhh…

yes, from the master rapper himself  “dongsaeng that is like an oppa/oppa-like dongsaeng..”….what? GD.. are u xpressing something too.oo.. the beloved dara…

cr. for the caption to whimsical being (thanx)

wooh~ they were friends since then.. Big bang was not even debuted yet during 2005… hehe.. ahhh (well that’s good news for me, good! build a good friendship first before…something else~~keke)

now..I’m really confused…(2005?)

okie, dara was in a relationship when  she was still in the philippines..i found an old article of  her boyfriend/actor joseph for 3 years.  about the break-up and the article was dated Aug 5,2007  they broke-up before dara left philippines on Aug/2007… he added before the break-up.  they let their relationship cool-off for two months because they always have this fights. one time they saw each other in one provincial show they tried too.ooo… bring the relationship again..but according too.ooo.. the guy there was no love anymore.. and they decided too.ooo end it all! (one sided interview from the guy). and Sandara ended up signing a contract from YG at the same month..she left da’ Philippines (correct me on this, if im wrong hehe).. on dara’s side- she was  back in the philippines/dec 16 for the promotion of Super Noypi… and she denied the break-up and told the press he’s outside waiting for her…

and rumored said dara’s ex-boyfriend was being link too..ooo a filipina-japanese aspiring singer mayo suzuki …and she was the reason of their break-up…sandara was very jelouszz of mayo.. (now, not anymore!)

and i guess itz hard too.oo… keep a long distance relationship……alzo

DARA is meant for ji young (kidding, how i wish..hehe)

besides…Ji young, said if he found the right girl he wants to marry her right away! haha…

and i just remember… reading an article on soompi.. joseph (dara’s ex-boyfriend) said that Dara is Wife material..

see…ji young wants too…ooo marry DARA is wife material…what are u waiting for? (kekek~~ just kidding’ i hope i didn’t offend anybody?)

here’s the article :

cr. to kish09 at soompi

haha sorry my dear! you need to kill all dara’s fanboy if u want her back!! (kidding)

and besides… Ji young is there w/ her! haha…GAHO will bite you.  (joke)

i call this the past and the future … (hehe…just showin’ some daragon love….)

Below: I just wanna share this…remember.. the Gummy MV featuring T.O.P and DARA here’s an interview..of top..being ask if the kissing were real.. and i advice you too.oo.. watch the video..seriously..hehe… and observe G-dragon’s reaction before and after TOP’s answer…. (^_^)

video cr. to theREALiVIPSUBS

the boys really love to..oo.. topic the kiss between DARA and TOP

 on gummy’s MV..here’s another one..G-dragon asking TOP ..about it..pls..watch it haha….see the reaction of  TOP…

again video cr. to THEREALiVIPSUBS

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don’t get me wrong with the article title … i love her… and i can’t stop giggling and smiling when i’am seeing dara with the hottest guys in korea.

seems she’s has a perfect chemistry with all the guys she worked with.

I’am loving her more……

i don’t care with FANGIRLS hating her!, (haha im also a fangirl)

first T.O.P (Gummy’s MV) : “YG family love”


Second : Jung Il Woo (Return of Iljamae)

Too Give you an idea who is Jung Il woo here’s a picture of him.


Jung il woo dara

Third : Lee Min Ho a.k.a Gu Jun Pyo! (^^) (Cass 2x Beer/kiss MV) – “Good Feed back from the fans.-yeah! luv it also…im wishing for a repeat!”


little bonus picture: Min-ho w/ buddy Jung Il woo:  (“hehe small showbiz world after all”) ^^,;

Lee min ho and Jung Il Woo

Lee min ho and Jung Il Woo

Now the LASt? (i hope not) the g-DARAgon chemistry that is  causing blogs and internet K-POP sites clogging and all Dara-GON fans rejoicing….

ha ha.. i love this one cause… i can’t stop watching the video… i smell…Crshnzzz  … .hmmmm…  SECRET!!! lolz^^, i’ll just keep it for myself <3.


If  GD’s fangirls and DARA’s fanboys are going crazy!! over this and if DARA&GD starts receiving hate messages!!! haha…GD DARA just try toooo….ignore it! yAy!!! ^^

and may the force be with you! (^^)

i hope this is not the last for the G-daraGON pairing! I DEMAND a MV lolz…

for DARA! yOU GO girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

video credits to MrMinnie1989

here’s a different FANCAM angle Video credits to CrazyGD8

NOW! G-dragon’s side of the picture.

I’am very sorry for the blurrry picture…specially the third one^^);

but you can see GD’s smile and his eyez!!! (gawd.)..u’ll be the judge!

i love it, they’re both having fun ^^,

sorry for the third blurry photo

sorry for the third blurry photo


just one more HELLO. plsss………

Last? hello…

Please leave a Comment ^^thanx

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Yesterday, Saturday Aug 15,2009 2ne1’s dara or sandara park had an live guesting in Abs-cbn Entertainment live.

she was interviewed by tony gonzaga and luis manzano about her fame in korea.  and she answered all the question in filipino/tagalog.  YG given them a time to relax for 3days. and she was ask where she would spend her vacation and she choose to spend her vacation in the philippines.

and dara confirmed that all of her activities will be featured in 2ne1TV.



video credits to iABSCBN and kpopping for the ENGLISH SUB

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video credits to ygsecet21


In Yoo Hee Yeol’s sketchbook sandara or dara performed her pinoy novalty hit IN or OUT, you heard it right IN or OUT “lol”  enjoy!

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Video credits from theYGsecretLollipop by Big Bang and 21

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sandara park and Gu hye sun

sandara park and Gu hye sun

newly added “female Big Bang” member Sandara Park (wonder what will be the female big bang band name?) and Boys Before Flowers Geum Jandi played by Ku Hye Sun/Gu Hye Sun, i don’t know when was this photo taken…maybe before Gu Hye Sun was casted in Boys Before Flowers?. Well It’s no big surprise cause their both under YGentertainment.

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