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Hi! I’m Back.. its been a while..hehe.. well i was kinda busy with my personal drama haha…well enough of that!


first of all i want to clarify this is just theories..  of my favorite pair in

k-POP..i advice you not take it seriously?..don’t hate me..

Omo after spending lotza time lurking in Naver, me2day, and Youtube…and all sites that i need for this..theory! (^^)

I got to.o..ooo throw this one, i dunno…just a crazy dilusional theory. . seems the bridge is very special to the daragon pair soooo..im gonna call this “Daragon Bridge” a symbol of their blossoming love ~hehe~

the bridge is in mapgu near the YG building.Mapo-gu, Hapjung-dongi attach Dara’s now long lost cyworld mihipony… as you can see the bridge has a similarity from her cyworld mihi .. i know there’s a lot of bridge in seoul specially along han river.. but as we all know.. the new YG tower has a spectacular view of the bridge..and the han river…

remember Gd's Me2day update....

 btw the name of the bridge behind mini Gd’s is Sun-Yu Bridge…

 the blue circle – is the new building owned by YG (gosh,YG own’s a lot of stuff..the guy is rich lol) my guess the photo’s were taken there hehe~~and it’s only a 12 minute walk from the old YG building (pink circle) hehe~~ run run…daragon! run…

Sun-Yu Bridge~~(^^) Mapo-do

soooo..ooo romantic LOL.. remember dara’s (training days) said the office has a beautiful view from the rooftop…hahaha…old building!

here’s the new YG tower… so beautiful.. still over-looking the han river…


I’m gonna sound like a tour guide..hehe~~Mapo-gu, Hapjung-dong is such a beautiful place to lurk around hehe~~

(2ne1 tv) Dangsan bridge in Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea Maybe will see 2ne1 and GD taking a walk or JOG lol (stalker alert)hehe~~~


for my youtube moment (gawd i need to get a life! …) haha…kiddin’

MUSIC BANK - dara is in the back of GD

Gd winning his award in MB, dara is behind him…but when it was Gd’s time tooooo say thank you… the camera focus on GD…dara suddenly hide herself behind CL and away from he camera…(not so Dara..hehe~)hmmmm….fishy~~~

why are you hiding from the camera during GD’s acceptance speech!!! (lol)…

dara’s wants to play peek-a-boo hehe~ she is so adorable haha…after Gd’s speech.. she’s talking laughing with GD! hmmm..wonder what they said…to each other…. and based on my observations(MAMA fancams).. CL is always there…to protect daragon haha…. during this time…dara is still confortable talking to Gd even if the camera is still rolling hehe… hehe…

you just love her.. reaction faces!!!


Another one…i just love this scene.. dara ask GD..

Gd's celebration.

i just love how GD look at dara! “the eyes talks” (in my dilusional mind, maybe dara got hesitant..toooo say pls drink moderately…babes LOL) and again another 2ne1 member… haha… oh~~aigooo(^_^) i need toooo take a chill pill to much.. daragon.. can be crazy!!! LOL

I’m not yet finish..but i have to go!!! maybe ill edit this tomorrow!!! chow.


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