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Finally I’m back


Yes,  I’m back from a 3 months vacation  my God my last entry was in march obviously most of my post was all about Kkotboda Namja or Boys Before Flowers because i was religiously following every episode of it in the net. it aired every Monday and Tuesday nights in Korea. I’ve watched it for 3months the moment it was aired in January in Korea… i was struck with the Kkotboda namja fever in the internet. finally the drama ended on march. and i had my vacation he he…. i can rest now..lol those were sleepless nights of waiting for episodes, news and all things about the drama

i can say I’m really a loyal fanatic o of the Korean version of hana yori dango.

a true certified SO-EUL-MATE fan!

Even though the drama ended i’m still gonna update this blog about the cast of the drama. and anything everything crazy about kpop world he he…..


WELCOME! lol(^^,)



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[Let us Play!]

our  no. 1  –  “BATTLE OF THE TWO HAN’s” – han ye seul and han chae young :same taste for clothes, a guess?”  readers, who did you think carried the dress with grace and elegance. is it han ye seul or korea’s barbie doll han chae young?.


hehe..i got to throw this one! no. 2 – “Lee min ho’s SMALL to BIGGER  yellow inflatable boat” – min ho’s favorite water gear?..well it’s a much bigger inflatable boat in BOF, hehe…


and no. 3“just no. 3”

same stylist? lee min ho and dbsk u-know yunho.


no. 4 – I’m not sure on this one! – top hallyu star bae yong  joon and ss501/BOF kim hyung  joong (i think, because of the structures of the jaw line?help.hehe)


no. 5 bootylicious babes – spot the similarity between katrina halili and han chae young.


no. 6 – “Mr. and Miss. Potter” – doing their own version of demi moore’s popular scene in ghost minus..patrick swayze off course hehe….

kim bum in  boys before flowers –

kim bum version

kim bum version

chae rim’s upcoming drama “GOOD JOB” and guest what!? her role, is a  ceramic artist.


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Lee min ho’s popularity is sky rocketing this 2009 no question about it, but fame has a price and that’s people who put you down or digging your past.  finding out if you have any scandalous video/photo’s. to talk and comment about…..

i think that’s why this pictures of  lee min ho childhood days was exclusively released in news (again in my own opinion, OK?) .to show fans that lee min ho grew up with a happy childhood with his family “no dark background” a typical Korean family!  and too..netizens to stop digging picture’s of him partying!, pictures with his ex-GF, co-actresses, girls   (Heller its normal to have fun and party as long you know your limitations, and those photo’s were ages ago..) on the other side we know people won’t stop, because lee min ho is a public figure/or celebrity (a filipino celebrity quoted in a interview he said we are public property fans own us.. and we got this job because of people/fans/reporters  keeping our careers alive.. we get paid for this “but their are also limits” we are also human! we and our love ones/family members get hurt of your actions. ) but no rumors/or too talk about means your not the hot item “thing” “it boy” anymore. so..thank you also for the people posting gossip./news. / without them the showbiz industry won’t be as colorful and live as today he he….yeah thanks to people/blogger like us! LOL.=)

did you know lee min ho’s birth weight is 3.2kg. (he he)

a photo of  our cute adorable min hoo when he was 1yrs.old –


2yrs. old – cute!


at 5 yrs. old a picture pose with his noona before eating the cake bought by his dad. (we can relate to this/take a picture first, before eating the cake for picture memories so that our future children will see, and say oh my parent have a happy childhood ..in min ho’s case for people like us to feast! on it he he)


family outing – at six. (cool shades )


7th kindergarten birthday party-  singing while wearing a traditional hanbok –


as a normal boy will do, go! camping outdoors yippee. he was 9 yrs. old in this… lee min ho is a very active boy. he even have a soccer/football training under coach chu bum-kum. (who is he?, well..that is a different article he he)


tada! 18 yrs. old high school student LEE MIN HO, showcasing us his handsome features! according to the write-ups, he’s very well known in school specially for the girls..(duh if you look like that, people in your school will really notice you and then you’ll have crazy girls go gaga on you/instant stalker he he)


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photo’s of DBSK mickey and his EX-girlfriend, new comer girl group after school leader park ga hee…

well her ex-boyfriend is super famous and everybody will talk about it..for sure!!! instant buzz.


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i wanna greet you all a happy chinese new year and korean new lunar year!

lee min ho

lee min ho


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Hello world!

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