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yeah you heard it right! 2ne1’s “i don’t care ” MV is out!



like what CL said in the MV Clap your hand like this “i don’t care eh eh eh eh”   the song is addicting. (it’s like the nobody nobody but you craze (im not comparing, i love wondergirls! a lot. in fact my favorite is sohee he he) forgive me…for that.. the chorus of “i don’t care”  i cannot  get it out of my head i think i’m going crazy HELP lol just kidding’

I’m loving the MV it’s cool! and i have the feeling many girls can relate to the song, well I’am.. “LOLz”  can’t wait for the live performance tomorrow.

for me, it’s a HIT!!!  (other girlgroup should not let their guard down 2ne1 is slowly creating a 2ne1craze, in the industry of kpop take note they just debuted a months ago..and they’re on TOP the charts)

video credits to YGSRoyalAcesubs


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video credits to ygsecet21


In Yoo Hee Yeol’s sketchbook sandara or dara performed her pinoy novalty hit IN or OUT, you heard it right IN or OUT “lol”  enjoy!

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CPDRC Dancing Inmate’s doing their own version of  Super Juniors hit song SORRY, SORRY

it’s a must watch video he.. he dang those cebu inmate’s are good!

video credits to byronfgarcia

here’s the original version so that you can watch suju’s  do their thingy.

video credits to 13haewonnie



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Finally I’m back


Yes,  I’m back from a 3 months vacation  my God my last entry was in march obviously most of my post was all about Kkotboda Namja or Boys Before Flowers because i was religiously following every episode of it in the net. it aired every Monday and Tuesday nights in Korea. I’ve watched it for 3months the moment it was aired in January in Korea… i was struck with the Kkotboda namja fever in the internet. finally the drama ended on march. and i had my vacation he he…. i can rest now..lol those were sleepless nights of waiting for episodes, news and all things about the drama

i can say I’m really a loyal fanatic o of the Korean version of hana yori dango.

a true certified SO-EUL-MATE fan!

Even though the drama ended i’m still gonna update this blog about the cast of the drama. and anything everything crazy about kpop world he he…..


WELCOME! lol(^^,)


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