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sugar member park soo jin will be playing yi jeong’s first love cha eun jae. she will be appearing in three episodes, starting with episode 17. “so we can’t wait for it”  according to some article..or spoilers she will be playing a big part for Ga eul and Yi jeong’s blossoming relationship. yeah! yeah! we know she is Yi jeong’s First love, but she’s also the girlfriend of Yi jeong’s brother at the present situation. so no worries to all the so-eul couple fanaticoz! he he. she  will be also a pottery artist in BBF. =)


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Episode 15 episode preview screen shots only –

Yi Jeong Gave Ga-eul an invitation for Joon Pyo’s Birthday. he wants Ga- eul to give it to Jandi….(kim bum’s has a new hairstyle)


On Joon Pyo’s Birthday – if you have seen the other versions ..i think you know this one!


Ji hoo’s  NEW Hairdo


Jandi’s gift to Joon Pyo…hehe…


the girls went shopping –


i’m dying to watch episode 15 & 16 … …


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sandara park and Gu hye sun

sandara park and Gu hye sun

newly added “female Big Bang” member Sandara Park (wonder what will be the female big bang band name?) and Boys Before Flowers Geum Jandi played by Ku Hye Sun/Gu Hye Sun, i don’t know when was this photo taken…maybe before Gu Hye Sun was casted in Boys Before Flowers?. Well It’s no big surprise cause their both under YGentertainment.

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I’am so glad the problem caused by Kim So Eun’s late arrival for the shot of Boys Before Flowers on the 18th. is been resolved by her management SidusHQ and Group Eight the production team behind Boys Before Flowers.

SidusHQ sincerly apologize for the trouble caused by their late arrival in the set of Boys Before Flowers due to the filming of Kim So Eun CF, many staff,crew and actors had been affected by this happening. and they expressed that they will work hard not to repeat the same mistake again.

see they don’t need to take some legal action, it can be resolved in a civilized way of talking and apologies…well i hope everyone learned their lessons on this experience…..i hope this kind of stuff won’t happen again and it’s a good thing sidusHQ admitted they’re sorry for delaying the filming…”

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Kim so eun is Five 1/2 hours late which cause the delaying of the filming of  Boys Before Flowers the scene was for Joon pyo’s birthday.

The reason behind why she was late because she was filming a CF, Group 8 the production behind Boys Before Flowers is considering to take some legal action Kim So Eun Rep. said they told the Production beforehand. On the other side the Production said they rejected the said CF shoot because of schedule conflicts.

(“i hope they can resolve this in a more civilized/easy way, not suing each other, talk it out  i’m hoping it won’t affect Ga-eul’s part in the drama hello the drama is still airing….what will happen to her? if she get sued? duh! i guess many fans will be mad at group 8 if kim so eun get cut I HOPE NOT!  …. she played a very big part on BBF high ratings because audience got excited when they see her with kim bum…./(my own opinion) well lesson learned next time, don’t jaggle your schedules..thats why many artist get into car/road accidents because of  filming-cf shoots-promotions place-to-place in one day”)

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All about Yi Jeong  – Ga Eul or “So-Eul Couple” in  Boys Before Flowers Episode 13


Ga-eul is concerned/worried about jandi’s feelings, (“hello! 9 months with no communication with your boyfriend who will not worry”) as a good best friend she went to see Yi jeong to talk about Jandi and Joon Pyo’s relationship. instead –

When she arrived at Yi jeong’s place, she admires Him while working on his pottery (“gawd scream-*squil* partlots of  so-eul slow motion shot..) Yi jeong obviously aware that Ga-eul is there watching him. and Yi jeong broke the moment and said to Ga-eul “Am I that Cool?”  and “There’s no girl hasn’t fallen for this” and Ga-eul defends herself . and came to the topic about destiny and soul mates and  Yi Jeong  asking her “Do you think Jun-pyo is the one love for Jandi? Is he really her soul mate?”

– Yi jeong thinks ga-eul is just applying her own beliefs  to jandi’s situation.

and said “if i were you miss ga-eul, i’d use the time looking for your soul mate – although I’m not even sure if that stuff really exist ”

pity Ga-eul left insulted on what Yi jeong said and starts to leave. before she walk out the door she went back and voice out that she really believe that there is a soul mates for everyone of us.

a like the part were Ga-eul returned the Question “Sunbae do you believe in soul mates? don’t you?”

Yi jeong defensively said – “what?”

Ga-eul – “I guess a strong NO is a YES”  “I think i get it now..”

i think this is what Ga-eul means if you have watched the episode your one true love do exists too, your just afraid/scared to have one/ you are still in denial.

it gets to Yi jeong’s nerves… and warn Ga-eul “Don’t act like you know everything about me”  Ga eul just smiled and regained some of her confidence feeling good that she said all of that too..Yi jeong….

after Yi jeong left blanked he smiled at the end looking at the door. (“love struck?? he he =)”)


after “so-eul couple” so vs. eul beliefs – in the next scene, seems like no argument happened. The F3 came to help jandi’s intention to earn money to visit joon pyo in Macau. (no talks for the “so-eul couple” just eye contacts he he )


while Jandi is swimming Ga-eul cried and Yi jeong lend her, his handkerchief  (“….ahhh sweet..”)


No Ga-eul in episode 14 Macau – sorry to all SO-EUL fans like ME!. (hehe)

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[Let us Play!]

our  no. 1  –  “BATTLE OF THE TWO HAN’s” – han ye seul and han chae young :same taste for clothes, a guess?”  readers, who did you think carried the dress with grace and elegance. is it han ye seul or korea’s barbie doll han chae young?.


hehe..i got to throw this one! no. 2 – “Lee min ho’s SMALL to BIGGER  yellow inflatable boat” – min ho’s favorite water gear?..well it’s a much bigger inflatable boat in BOF, hehe…


and no. 3“just no. 3”

same stylist? lee min ho and dbsk u-know yunho.


no. 4 – I’m not sure on this one! – top hallyu star bae yong  joon and ss501/BOF kim hyung  joong (i think, because of the structures of the jaw line?help.hehe)


no. 5 bootylicious babes – spot the similarity between katrina halili and han chae young.


no. 6 – “Mr. and Miss. Potter” – doing their own version of demi moore’s popular scene in ghost minus..patrick swayze off course hehe….

kim bum in  boys before flowers –

kim bum version

kim bum version

chae rim’s upcoming drama “GOOD JOB” and guest what!? her role, is a  ceramic artist.


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