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2ne1 Dara’s Last Movie in P.I



I was bored..and i decided to type random sandara stuff on Youtube, and then i came across her movie Super Noypi. and I’ve watch it….

I think this is Dara’s last movie in the philippines…before she debuted in korea…

the movie is a official entry in the manila film fest festival 2006.

all i can say, hehe..she’s really naturally adorably dorky.(^^)

i think she really gained a lot of acting experience when she was in the philippines… it really shows on her Mv’s and Photos NOW.  (you can see it in her eyes..Example: the KISS MV. woohhh..love it,  for me she acted her role very well.) once Sungri of bigbang said on YGtv..about sandara she’s a veteran because of  her PI acting stint.  he said Dara nuna is like a different person on stage. (stage presence & the way she plays w/ the crowd)

now..YG  trained  nd trained her more..too what she is now!!

2ne1 DARA(^^)



video credits to rakistarock


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PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW TO YGWorld.net : (because the statement is so..oo long, and i don’t want to steal the works of others. i want to credit YGworld for bringing us the news.)


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The Queen of me2day DARA september 24, 2009 posted a picture of the group with Kang Hye Jung, to give you a idea who is Kang Hye Jung she’s Tablo (epik high) soon to be bride and mother of her child. and KHJ is also from YG family.

(^^)giving some family love! he..he..

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i know we are all excited (and SAD) to see the performance of the 6 members of 2pm after Jae’s departure….hayyy….=(

On September 25 6:00pm SBS 2009 Supermodel Contest, 2PM is scheduled to perform at the event for the very first time since Jae’s departure.

with the present situation HOTTEST boycotting JYPE and the 6 remaining  members…official of the event stated the 2pm performance (I’m not sure if it’s all six member or nickchun only…but i’ll update it later..hehe….if i find a more clearer news) will be CUT!!, as in, they will not  Broadcast it (“dang bummer poor 2pm..so heart breaking..=(“)

seriously…. hottest are killing..the six 2pm boys..career…yeah! yah…we all love too see jaebom back on stage..but this is not the right way…tooo..protest…enough already no more…Jae left thinking… if he leaves 2pm/JYPE he will save the other members career…from the harsh negative comments about him (“duh the suicide petition?crazy!”) but the … the situation is getting out of hand… 2pm 6 reamaining members needs support!!!  jae would love to see his friends continue the fight! ..who knows someday jae will comeback… but 2pm needs to be there the moment jae.. arrives.. so..oo.. let us keep the 2PM torch alive!!!

Help Junsu, Nickchun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung! (^^) toooo keep the 2PM  fire alive!!! ~fighting~<3

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don’t get me wrong with the article title … i love her… and i can’t stop giggling and smiling when i’am seeing dara with the hottest guys in korea.

seems she’s has a perfect chemistry with all the guys she worked with.

I’am loving her more……

i don’t care with FANGIRLS hating her!, (haha im also a fangirl)

first T.O.P (Gummy’s MV) : “YG family love”


Second : Jung Il Woo (Return of Iljamae)

Too Give you an idea who is Jung Il woo here’s a picture of him.


Jung il woo dara

Third : Lee Min Ho a.k.a Gu Jun Pyo! (^^) (Cass 2x Beer/kiss MV) – “Good Feed back from the fans.-yeah! luv it also…im wishing for a repeat!”


little bonus picture: Min-ho w/ buddy Jung Il woo:  (“hehe small showbiz world after all”) ^^,;

Lee min ho and Jung Il Woo

Lee min ho and Jung Il Woo

Now the LASt? (i hope not) the g-DARAgon chemistry that is  causing blogs and internet K-POP sites clogging and all Dara-GON fans rejoicing….

ha ha.. i love this one cause… i can’t stop watching the video… i smell…Crshnzzz  … .hmmmm…  SECRET!!! lolz^^, i’ll just keep it for myself <3.


If  GD’s fangirls and DARA’s fanboys are going crazy!! over this and if DARA&GD starts receiving hate messages!!! haha…GD DARA just try toooo….ignore it! yAy!!! ^^

and may the force be with you! (^^)

i hope this is not the last for the G-daraGON pairing! I DEMAND a MV lolz…

for DARA! yOU GO girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

video credits to MrMinnie1989

here’s a different FANCAM angle Video credits to CrazyGD8

NOW! G-dragon’s side of the picture.

I’am very sorry for the blurrry picture…specially the third one^^);

but you can see GD’s smile and his eyez!!! (gawd.)..u’ll be the judge!

i love it, they’re both having fun ^^,

sorry for the third blurry photo

sorry for the third blurry photo


just one more HELLO. plsss………

Last? hello…

Please leave a Comment ^^thanx

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it’s Jieun of the newly debuted group Lady Collection she is Sandara’s former coach (well jieun left YG Entertainment,  she trained under YG from 2003-2007)


Filipino-American dancer-choreographer AIMEE LEE LUCAS was hired by YG Entertainment to trained 2ne1..she  and her boyfriend/top notch choreograher Shaun Evariso has worked with Big bang (remember the number 1 MV? she’s the hot chick on the video).


aimee lucas

hehe… dara posted this picture tru her PEX account before 2ne1 was created..(training days) with minzy and CL


dara, minji and CL


2009-09-18 10-vert12

2NE1 dara with Gu hye sun.  (i guess they’re really good friends)


(left to right) Gu hye sun, Sandara Park and SE7EN. “yep seven!, park han-byul is in this event also…)


G-dragon (black jacket), Dara (besides the boy in red) and YOUNG adorable Minji (in light blue blouse). “minji is sooo young”                   I’m not sure w/ the guy wearing the white cap..i think he’s YB/taeyang (correct me if  i’m wrong)

2009-06-16 1410

Minji …..with Dara (omo minzy is sooo..young and fragile..now she’s taller..and fiercer!..lol.)


park bom (empress spring) and sandara park (2ne1’s 4D) ” the park sister”

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