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i know we are all excited (and SAD) to see the performance of the 6 members of 2pm after Jae’s departure….hayyy….=(

On September 25 6:00pm SBS 2009 Supermodel Contest, 2PM is scheduled to perform at the event for the very first time since Jae’s departure.

with the present situation HOTTEST boycotting JYPE and the 6 remaining  members…official of the event stated the 2pm performance (I’m not sure if it’s all six member or nickchun only…but i’ll update it later..hehe….if i find a more clearer news) will be CUT!!, as in, they will not  Broadcast it (“dang bummer poor 2pm..so heart breaking..=(“)

seriously…. hottest are killing..the six 2pm boys..career…yeah! yah…we all love too see jaebom back on stage..but this is not the right way…tooo..protest…enough already no more…Jae left thinking… if he leaves 2pm/JYPE he will save the other members career…from the harsh negative comments about him (“duh the suicide petition?crazy!”) but the … the situation is getting out of hand… 2pm 6 reamaining members needs support!!!  jae would love to see his friends continue the fight! ..who knows someday jae will comeback… but 2pm needs to be there the moment jae.. arrives.. so..oo.. let us keep the 2PM torch alive!!!

Help Junsu, Nickchun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung! (^^) toooo keep the 2PM  fire alive!!! ~fighting~<3


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