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The Korean Version of Umi is Kim Min Ji as Jang Yu Mi

she will be in episode 24 & 25,  during Jun pyo’s memory lost. and Jun Pyo and Jandi’s last Obstacle?



RECALL – “memory lane”

The Live Japanese Version of Nakashima Yumi was played by Erika Toda ( of Death Note)

erika toda

erika toda

And remember the taiwanese version Meteor Garden 2 Michelle Saram as Ye Sha (a totally different Umi from the japanese version, because she’s a bhutan princess in the drama).

michelle saram

michelle saram


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ok, Besides for being both CUTE.

Tada! Gu Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers) –


and Yoon Eun Hye (Princess Hours)  –


well it’s from the same production group (group8).

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As we all know Lee min ho trained for football/soccer under coach chu bum-kum when he was young. in episode 21 he’s in a very familiar situation.


In elementary school, Kim Bum loves to play soccer he often played the pillar role in his school’s soccer team in several inter-school soccer competitions.
Kim Bum would usually be allocated the striker position in the team around that time, Kim Bum once aimed to be a famous footballer. When he was promoted to middle school, he joined the school’s soccer club.



“oh my gawd “hehe” imagine if lee min ho and kim bum was part of the korean national soccer team! i’ll be cheering for them! woohoho… such cute soccer players!!!! david beckham hehe sorry!!! min ho and bummy is my type hahaha LOL=)”

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I just came across this in youtube, Boys Before Flowers will be aired in ABS-CBN philippines. but i don’t know when.


video credit to schizoO014

anyone knows about this, just update me and feel free to comment ok?

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sugar member park soo jin will be playing yi jeong’s first love cha eun jae. she will be appearing in three episodes, starting with episode 17. “so we can’t wait for it”  according to some article..or spoilers she will be playing a big part for Ga eul and Yi jeong’s blossoming relationship. yeah! yeah! we know she is Yi jeong’s First love, but she’s also the girlfriend of Yi jeong’s brother at the present situation. so no worries to all the so-eul couple fanaticoz! he he. she  will be also a pottery artist in BBF. =)

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Episode 15 episode preview screen shots only –

Yi Jeong Gave Ga-eul an invitation for Joon Pyo’s Birthday. he wants Ga- eul to give it to Jandi….(kim bum’s has a new hairstyle)


On Joon Pyo’s Birthday – if you have seen the other versions ..i think you know this one!


Ji hoo’s  NEW Hairdo


Jandi’s gift to Joon Pyo…hehe…


the girls went shopping –


i’m dying to watch episode 15 & 16 … …


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I’am so glad the problem caused by Kim So Eun’s late arrival for the shot of Boys Before Flowers on the 18th. is been resolved by her management SidusHQ and Group Eight the production team behind Boys Before Flowers.

SidusHQ sincerly apologize for the trouble caused by their late arrival in the set of Boys Before Flowers due to the filming of Kim So Eun CF, many staff,crew and actors had been affected by this happening. and they expressed that they will work hard not to repeat the same mistake again.

see they don’t need to take some legal action, it can be resolved in a civilized way of talking and apologies…well i hope everyone learned their lessons on this experience…..i hope this kind of stuff won’t happen again and it’s a good thing sidusHQ admitted they’re sorry for delaying the filming…”

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