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it’s Jieun of the newly debuted group Lady Collection she is Sandara’s former coach (well jieun left YG Entertainment,  she trained under YG from 2003-2007)


Filipino-American dancer-choreographer AIMEE LEE LUCAS was hired by YG Entertainment to trained 2ne1..she  and her boyfriend/top notch choreograher Shaun Evariso has worked with Big bang (remember the number 1 MV? she’s the hot chick on the video).


aimee lucas

hehe… dara posted this picture tru her PEX account before 2ne1 was created..(training days) with minzy and CL


dara, minji and CL


2009-09-18 10-vert12

2NE1 dara with Gu hye sun.  (i guess they’re really good friends)


(left to right) Gu hye sun, Sandara Park and SE7EN. “yep seven!, park han-byul is in this event also…)


G-dragon (black jacket), Dara (besides the boy in red) and YOUNG adorable Minji (in light blue blouse). “minji is sooo young”                   I’m not sure w/ the guy wearing the white cap..i think he’s YB/taeyang (correct me if  i’m wrong)

2009-06-16 1410

Minji …..with Dara (omo minzy is sooo..young and fragile..now she’s taller..and fiercer!..lol.)


park bom (empress spring) and sandara park (2ne1’s 4D) ” the park sister”


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ok, Besides for being both CUTE.

Tada! Gu Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers) –


and Yoon Eun Hye (Princess Hours)  –


well it’s from the same production group (group8).

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sandara park and Gu hye sun

sandara park and Gu hye sun

newly added “female Big Bang” member Sandara Park (wonder what will be the female big bang band name?) and Boys Before Flowers Geum Jandi played by Ku Hye Sun/Gu Hye Sun, i don’t know when was this photo taken…maybe before Gu Hye Sun was casted in Boys Before Flowers?. Well It’s no big surprise cause their both under YGentertainment.

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– Koo Hye-sun is also benefiting from Boys Before Flowers Fame like her co-stars, she’s also fielding multiple CF offers, both domestically and from Japan. The offers range from mobile phones to cosmetics and food products.

– The Lee Min ho fever continues  The 21-year-old has been selected to promote LG Telecom, and will appear in an ad with BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS co-stars Koo Hye-sun and Kim Bum. He’s also deliberating over modeling contracts for clothing brands, cars, beer, etc.

– Again Lee Min ho is still a little surprised at his  fame,  and first felt the impact Boys before Flowers Fever of his sudden popularity when he was filming an outdoor scene last week and the arrival of a mob of 3,000 fans forced shooting to shut-down and move elsewhere.

– He’s not the only one,  Kim Bum and Kim So-eun were shooting a scene at the korean republic restaurant (ga-eul work place), and because so many neighborhood bystanders stopped to watch, police had to step in and manage traffic.


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Here’s a picture summary on what happen in episode 6 of Kgotboda Namja or Boys Before Flowers –


In New Caledonia Yoon Ji Hoo kissed Jandi and Goo Joon Pyo saw it.


Goo Joon Pyo announced that Ji hoo is no longer part of F4, and both Jandi and Him is to be expelled in Shinhwa.

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joon pyo to the rescuejoon pyo to the rescue



goo joon pyo kissing jandi

goo joon pyo kissing jandi

I love the part where joon-pyo kisses Jandi good night!

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